A Student from Australia


  Hello, my name is Grace Coates. I am from Canberra Australia and I am currently studying in Japan for 2 months on exchange. So far I have loved living in Japan and I can't wait to see what the next month and a bit has to offer.
  When I finish school in Australia, I want to study Architecture at university. I think learning Japanese is a great way of giving me more opportunities outside of Australia.
  Some of my favorite hobbies include horse riding, drawing, photography, geography and travelling.



New English Teacher from NZ

2学期よりアマンダ先生の後任として新しくキャサリン先生をお迎えしました。日本語は全く初めてとのことで、来日前の研修で習ったばかりの自己紹介の原稿をローマ字で準備されていました。2学期の始業式では、初めてとは思えないほど流ちょうな日本語で挨拶をしてくださいました。2学期から授業とEnglish Zone を担当していただきます。さっそくグラフィックデザインの特技を生かして素敵な表示を作成してくださいました。みなさん、どんどん英語で話しに来て下さい!

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Hello everyone! My name is Catherine Hearn – please call me Catherine. I’m your new JET Assistant Language Teacher.
I grew up in Christchurch, which is a city in the South Island of New Zealand. I then moved to Wellington in 2013, to finish my Business degree at Victoria University. My hobbies include art, graphic design, listening to music, and watching rugby games.
I have never been to Japan before and I am very excited to be here! I’m beginner level at Japanese, but I hope to improve during my time in Japan. Please feel free to come and talk to me. Thank you for having me at your school!






Good morning. Today I have to tell you all that next semester I will not be at Hibari. If I didn't tell you in class I’m sorry but there was not an appropriate time. I’m really happy to have met you all. You made me laugh on difficult days and challenged me to become a better person. If you learned some English from me, that’s great, but I hope more than anything you learned that where someone comes from isn’t that important. What matters most is what you do. Thank you for everything. To the teachers that were kind or helped me, I want to thank you as well.




 週末、友達と友達のホームステイ先に遊びに行きました。そのなかでこのカードメイキングをしました。実は、友達のホストマザーはカードメイカーだったので体験させてもらいました。NZは、カード社会です。感謝の気持ちを伝えるthank youカード、誕生日を祝うbirthdayカードなど沢山のカードがあります。カード専門店があるほどです。私は、作る側も貰う側もうれしく、気持ちがそのままに活字で伝わるカードがいいと感じました。家族や友達に早速作ってみたいと思います。





The true meaning of the word "interesting"

I went to the University of Waikato which is in Hamilton city and studied general English for three weeks. The city is surrounded by great and beautiful nature and it was really a good place for me to live. Anyway, my class started on Tuesday after the students were separated into three classes as a result of a test we took on Monday. I was really excited, but really anxious about classes. Seven Japanese students were going to study in the classroom. When I entered the classroom, there were a lot of Asian people sitting in the chairs. I became sad because I thought we'd study with local Kiwi people. Our teacher came to us and introduced himself and we said our names. I didn't say anything after I sat down because I was so nervous and just scared. Actually, they were all Chinese. I was more nervous when my teacher made Japanese and Chinese students sit together and do activities with each other. I said "Hi" to my partner and he said “Hi,” too. We smiled at each other. We did a lot of speaking activities and discussed about the particular topics. As we talk each other, I gradually discovered that he was so kind and nice, but I also noticed that I had judged him by his race. We Japanese people tend to have a bad image of Chinese people, like that they are dirty or noisy, but it is wrong. All of the Chinese students in the class were so kind to me and they seemed to be so interested in Japanese culture. One of my friends helped me without saying anything when I had trouble with my computer. I was also interested in their culture and I began to talk to them positively. Then I noticed that I spent most of my break time talking with them. I couldn't stop talking with them because their culture is so interesting! There were so many things different from Japan, although China is near to Japan and seems to have a lot of similarities. Everything they said to me was entirely new and they always surprised me! I want to give you an example. What time do you think their high school starts? Actually, that was the biggest surprise for me. The answer is that it starts at 6:30 in the morning and ends at 10 p.m! This is from the second grade, and the first graders can choose whether they stay to study or just go home. Don't you think it's too strict? I think it's too strict, but it is their education and part of their culture. Everything they said was so interesting to me and I always felt sad when the time that we had to finish talking came. In the end, I finally learned the true meaning of the word "interesting" through the activities I did in New Zealand. It's not the meaning you find in a dictionary. The true meaning of "interesting" is that you get so fascinated and absorbed in what someone is saying and their condition that you cannot get your eyes off from the other people's eyes and try hard to listen and catch even if their language is difficult. My eyes must have been shining when I was talking with them. Actually, their English was so difficult to catch and I really take tired after I talked to them. I think that Chinese people often don't pronounce the ending of a word and link the words like their own language, Chinese., but their talk attracted me so much and I had more desire to talk with them. Anyway, all the activities I did became really unforgettable memories and some of them even changed my mind! They will keep pushing me forward to the future and will always inspire me. I really appreciate my family for letting me go to New Zealand and I really thank you, all of my best friends and teachers!











My story today is about...

The first year high school students are enjoying a book of their choice.
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Some kept on reading the first book, others changed to a second book after a while, and still others finished more than one book during the thirty minutes, followed by the sharing time, and the note-taking time.
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What did they write in their Reading Notes? Well, ...:
"The pictures of this book were unique. The right eye of the crazy man called Wolf was very strange. And some characters say stupid things. For example, the bad man has a black gun, but they say, "He has a banana!" I liked it."
"BLACKOUT was a very warm story. The hero in this story was alone every day because his family was very busy. But the lights of the city went out suddenly, so his family and people living in the city became free and everyone enjoyed the black night. After that, he wasn't alone because his family made time to spend together."
"I haven't seen the movie 'Titanic', but this book was very interesting. The book talks about what the passengers and sailors did. I think the musicians of the Titanic were very brave. They kept playing music for people until they died. I don't want to die, but I want to keep making something for people until I die."
"I read 'Marco Polo and the Silk Road.'" This story was about Marco Polo. He was the greatest traveller in his time. He was perhaps the first traveler who wrote a wonderful book about China."
"I read a book about chocolate. The book was interesting, but I can't eat chocolate, because it's too sweet, and its smell is not so good. I learned that the people in Switzerland have 12.3 kilograms of chocolate every year. I was really surprised!"
"This book(A Dark Dark Tale)'s pictures are very good. My favorite touch and colors. What is more, this is a picture book, so I could read it."





ぼくは、最初は治安が悪かったり、ご飯が口に合わなかったりと日本の文化と違って、大変なイメージを持っていたりして、とても不安でした。そして、実際、現地に着いて、最初の3日間ほどはとても緊張していたし、まだまだ慣れていなかったけれど、一週間もしないうちに現地の習慣はだんだん分かってきました。最初の3日間ほどは英語も全然なにを言っているのかすら危うかったけれど、現地の習慣に慣れるのと同時にだんだん英語も分かってきて、英語で話すことが少し楽になって、ホストファミリーの人と喋るのが楽しくなりました。現地でも僕たちのグループの他に東進から来ていたグループもあって、授業で仲良くなって、休日は一緒に遊びに行っていました。もちろん授業も一緒に助け合いながら、楽しく参加出来ていました。だから、とても楽しかったし、とても充実した時間を送れました。この経験を通し、3週間という短い期間でも、仲良くなれるんだなぁと思いました。仲良くなったせいで別れるのがとても辛かったし、悲しかったです。                            午後の授業までは1時間の昼休みがありました。午後の授業は曜日によって異なり月、火、金は1時~3時まであり、水、木は1時~2時半までありました。午前の授業は教科書を使っていました。そして、月、水、金の午後も午前と同様、教科書を使っていました。しかし、水、木の午後はメンバーも入れ替わっていて、教科書ではなく、主にプリントを使って授業をしていました。さらに、水、木の午後の授業は先生が入れ替わる頻度が激しく、あまり喋れませんでした。しかし、とても楽しい授業でした。例えばkahootというクイズゲームがあって、これは英文の抜けている箇所を四択の中から選ぶというゲームで、スマートフォンを使って参加することが出来ます。みんなこのゲームが好きなので、先生に頼んでいました。授業では黒板ではなく電子黒板だったので、黒板とは違い書けていなかった所をあとで見て書けるという利点がありました。このような感じで、友達ととても楽しい時間を過ごしたり、授業に参加していたりしました。





 ニュージーランドと日本の生活は違うところがたくさんありました。バスが時間通りに来ない、夜寝るのがとても早い、湯船に浸からないなどいろいろあります。日本と似ている点もありました。日本車が走っていたり、左側通行、お米を食べるような点で似ていました。バスが来なかった時は日本ては当たり前のように定刻に来ることがとてもすごいことなんだと思いました。中でも1番驚いたのは、真冬でも半袖半ズボンで過ごしている人がとても多かったことです。また、ニュージーランドは自然がとても豊かでした。たくさんの牛と羊がいて、とても綺麗でした。僕はホストファミリーに連れて行ってもらったTe kuitiというところが好きでした。1日の寒暖差が大きいので暑い時は日本の夏のように感じることもありました。学校では、パソコンを使って英語でプレゼンテーションをしたり、一つのテーマを決めて、それについてディスカッションすることもありました。たまにジョークを言ったりしてとても楽しい授業でした。僕はこの研修でホストファミリーとの繋がりや、大学の授業を受けれたりとても貴重な体験がてきました。

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