Hibari 探究プロジェクト - 雲雀丘学園中学校・高等学校

グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕




Today was the exciting conclusion of the Empowerment Program. As with previous years, it was a pleasure to see the students realize how much English they have learned and how effectively they can use it. And it was a sure sign of how every year our students apply themselves and grow as both learners and as people.
During the morning session they enjoyed learning and making presentations about a variety of environmental and social issues. Then they focused on putting the finishing touches on their presentations about their future goals. Finding the perfect gestures and the right phrases to properly express their ideas. As well as trying to get rid of any nervous feelings they might still have.
Then in the afternoon session, we were all dazzled by their presentations. Hearing their dreams and goals presented with confidence and charisma was inspiring. They all showed their ability to present their ideas clearly and with passion and their ability to connect with the audience. Making us not only understand their ideas but feel their emotion as well. It will be exciting to see them continue to grow and become leaders in both their school lives and beyond.