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2021年度 第7回即興型英語ディベート

On January 26th (Wed.), the seventh PDA session was held. We started early because of extra announcements.

First, the students who participated in the National Contest in December gave a report to all members about their experiences. They said that it was very enjoyable debating with students from other schools because they could hear different ideas and ways of thinking. They also stressed the importance of knowing about a wide range of topics.

Second, the students were told that in the final debate session, there will be an exhibition match in the second round where the best debaters will battle in front of everyone. The debaters for that are selected by a points system that counts how many times they have attended, if they have one best debater awards, and so on. They were told that they must do their very best today because it is the last chance to get points for selection!

Next, the PDA staff introdcued today's focus point. This time students were shown how the details of how official judges give debaters scores. They were then encouraged to try and meet certain score standards.

The first debate motion was "People should marry when they are older instead of when they are young." and the second was "Japan should introduce the conscription system." Like the previous sessions, the students did very well as their skills and confidence have grown considerably since the activities began in the first semester. The teachers, and hopefully students, are very excited about the exhibition match next time!

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