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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On Wednesday (6/15), the debate students had their third and final debate practice session. This timer the beginners reviewed rebuts and practiced identifying the main point of a debate and summarizing the debate. The experienced students supported the beginners in the debate practice by taking roles as judges.

For rebutting, students were shown that the best way to rebut the opponent's point in a debate is to use one of your own points to rebut. By doing this, there is a direct clash of ideas and you can show that your ideas are superior. This direct clash and superiority can be especially important in close debates where both teams are debating well. After the practice, they took part in a final full practice debate to consolidate the skills practice over the last three weeks. They did well in all the activities, so we are looking forward to the regular debating starting next week.

Good job everyone!

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