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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On August 24th (Wed.), we held the third debate session for this year.

First, one of the team members from the summer debate camp gave a short report. He highlighted that taking part in debates against students from other schools gave the team experience of debating outside of their comfort zone and debating against high-level teams from other schools gave them a chance to see different, effective debate strategies.

Next, the PDA staff leader reviewed the debating strategy points explained before the summer vacation and introduced a new strategy point - using the flow sheet to take notes, especially to build rebuts. In PDA, judges use a flow sheet to take notes and decide the winner of the debate. The sheets are organized so that it is easy to folllow the points, rebuts, reconstructions and other rebuts give through the debate. These sheets can also be used by team members to take notes and help them pass ideas to each other so that later speakers on their team are able to rebut the other team's ideas or respond well to the other teams rebuts.

Today, the debate topics were "Children should be prohibited from posting videos on video hosting websites" (子どもが動画投稿サイトに投稿することを禁止するべきである。) and "Artificial intelligence is our enemy" (人工知能は人類の敵である。) While both debates went well, the second round was especially active. This was probably because students needed to warm up after the summer break and the day of exams and mock exams that they had just had. Also, they were given some advice about using notes when planning their speeches and speaking in louder voices.

Finally, the PDA staff leader gave positive comments about the skills observed and further reminders were given about continuing to read the news and practice other debate and public speaking skills. Good job, everyone!

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