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On September 14th (Wed.), we held the fourth debate session for this year.

First, we reviewed the various strategies for debating that the students have been practicing. Next, the PDA staff leader gave a more detailed review of the AREA pattern of Assertion (主張), Reason (理由), Example (例) and Assertion (主張) that was first introduced in the 練習会 in May. Then, the debates began

Today, the first debate topic was "Social media (e.g. twitter) causes only division of society." (ツイッターなどのソーシャルメディア(SNS)は社会の分断を助長するだけである。). After the debate was finished, a little time was spent to encourage the students to respond to more Points of Information (POIs). This year, many students are trying to make POIs and because these are practice debates, it is important for students to accept some of them even if it is more challenging. The second debate topic was "We should introduce a female quota in the Diet." ( 国会議員に女性枠を設けるべきである。) In this debate, the number of accepted POIs was notably higher. Well done!

Overall, both debates went very well. The PDA judges gave the students feedback about their strengths and weakness, and the staff leader was pleased to have seen the strategies reviewed at the start used throughout.

Finally, reminders were given about continuing to read the news and practice other debate and public speaking skills, and the 全国大会 information was shared. We are looking forward to the next debate and finding the members of our team for this years contest.

Good job, everyone!

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