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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On October 19th (Wed.), we held the fifth debate session for this year.

As usual, we first reviewed the various strategies for debating that the students have been practicing. Next, the PDA staff leader gave strategy advice for rebutting the opponent's ideas. To do this, they were advised to:

1. State what the other team said.

2. Say in what way it is not good, for example, that it is false or irrelevant.

3. Explain why.

4. Conclude that their argument is not strong.

After this, the debates began

Today, the first debate topic was "Homeroom teachers should be criminally charged if bullying occurs in their homeroom." (いじめが出たクラスの担任に刑事罰を課すべきである。). After the debate was finished, a little time was spent to encourage the students to explain the status quo before giving their ideas, a strategy that was covered in an earlier session. For example, for the first debate topic, the government team could make their ideas more powerful by first explaining that unfortunately bullying is a terrible problem. This set up would help them show why the proposed criminal charges would be important. The second debate topic was "Overtime regulations will enrich Japan." (残業規制は、日本を豊かにする。)

The day's debates went very well. Students used well-organized arguments and attempted different kinds of rebut. Also, the overall length of speeches is getting noticeable longer as students do a better job of preparing before the debate begins and listening and responding during the debate.

Finally, we were pleased to announce that three of our second year students will make a team and apply to take part in the national tournament. We are looking forward to the next debate and challenging our tournament team members.

Well done, everyone!

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