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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On November 9th (Wed.), we held the sixth debate session for this year.

First, the PDA staff leader reviewed the various strategies for debating that the students have been practicing. Next, the PDA staff leader gave strategy advice for considering the debate motion from different perspectives. For example, "Students should have homework" might be a good idea for low-level students who need to review, but less important for high-level ones. Our debaters were advised to consider such viewpoints when making their arguments and thinking about rebutting the other team.

Next, the debates began. Today, the first debate topic was "Exclusive schools for LGBT should be established."
(LGBTの専用の学校を建設すべきである。). The second topic was "Japan should introduce a basic income."
(日本は、ベーシックインカムを導入すべきである。). During both debates it was noticeable how the students' debating abilities have developed. Examples included powerful verbal deliveries, well organized ideas, and exciting and intelligent exchanges during POIs.

Overall, the students did very well with the day's debates. There will be a break for most members during the winter holidays, but our national tournament applicants and other members who help them will continue to be busy with extra practice activities.

Well done, everyone!

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