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On Friday May 26th from 13:00 to 15:00, we held the first debate meeting of this year. This year we have the largest number of participants so far with 71 members! We are looking forward to a busy and rewarding year.

For 2023, we have a new format for the first semester's debate activities. Each time, the students will spend the first half of the session practicing key skills for debate. Then, in the second half they will do one debate with the Parliamentary Debate Association judges participating via Zoom. In the second and third semesters the format will remain the same as previous years with the students taking part in two debates each time and the best debaters taking part in an exhibition debate in the final meeting. Because of the change in style in the first term, we have added two meetings, so there will be ten in total this year.

Because it was the first time, the practice activities and explanation focused on these things:

1. Delivery style, especially speaking with confidence through having a loud voice, making eye contact, and using gestures.

2. Improving general knowledge, especially through keeping up with the news.

3. Teamwork, especially using the preparation time and time when you are not speaking well.

After those things, we split into two rooms and started the day's debate. The topic was High school students should have part-time jobs. (高校生はアルバイトをすべきである。). Each debate table had at least one student who had taken part in debating last year. Thanks to these students and the PDA judges' guidance, the debates went very smoothly. Also, afterwards the experienced debaters commented that they were very impressed by the new members' English and debating levels, so we are very excited about the upcoming meetings.

Thank you for your active participation and see you next time.

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