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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On Monday June 19th from 15:45 to 17:45, we held the third debate meeting of the year.

Before starting, students who arrived early had conversations about the news. Then at the start time, students warmed up with two pair activities. First, Word Challenge, in which they tried to say as much as possible on a topic within a two-minute time limit while their partner counted the number of words they used. Congratulations to K-Kun for getting 150 words! Next, they tried the Why Game, where instead of counting words, the partner would interrupt the speaker to ask them to explain "Why?" on various points. The two activities practiced key debate skills, such as thinking quickly, organizing your ideas, adding details, and interrupting to ask questions.

After warming up, we moved to the day's practice points. This time the focus was on listening and responding, especially:

1. Using notes and the flowsheet.

2. Using Points of Interest (POIs), when you interrupt the speaker, to check what a speaker has said, ask questions, and give rebuttals.

3. Responding to POIs bytaking them, passing them or delaying a response until later in your speech.

4. Rebutting, especially, choosing the most appropriate rebut, for example, saying something is not true, not important, and so on, by identifying weaknesses in the speaker's ideas.

After those things, we split into two rooms and started the day's debate. The topic was Artificial intelligence is our enemy (人工知能は人類の敵である). Again, students did a very good job and teachers observed several exciting POI exchanges.

We are excited for the final meeting of the first semester in July. Until then, good job and study hard for the end-of-term exams!

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