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Apologies for the late post about our most recent debate activities.

On Monday November13th from 15:45 to 17:45, we held the eighth debate meeting of the year.

The two topics were Companies should introduce a four-day-workweek system. (会社は週休3日制を導入するべきである。) and In aging societies, the young should be given more votes. (高齢化社会において、若者はより多くの票をもつべきである。)

Both debates went very well. The first seems to be a hot topic among many students at the moment, and the second connected directly to their futures because of Japan's population demographics.

Most debate students have a long break now, but our team was accepted to the National Tournament, so those three members and others who are helping out have begun extra practice sessions to get ready.

Well done to all of this day's students and good luck to the team! We look forward to hearing about the contest.

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