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On Friday October 28th, we held a junior high school PDA event for third grade students to be introduced to English debate. It was the first time to hold such an event, but in order to develop the high school debate program further, having students gain experience in junior high school is an option we are considering. To prepare, the students had been asked to watch introductory videos about PDA. Then, the session began with a short quiz. After which, the debate began.

This time, ten students participated with two students joining the teacher as judges and the others making two teams of four members each. The debate topic was "Students should clean school." We extended the usual 15 minutes of practice time so that the teacher could give extra help to students during the preparation time. Considering it was their first experience of debate, the students did an excellent job. In particular, they did well at organizing and delivering their speeches as they often went close to the maximum time. Also, they did a good job of rebutting opposition ideas.

Overall, the event went very well and the Global Research Division plans to hold more such chances so that these students can get more experience and other third graders can also try.

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