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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



On July 28th, using an online debate matching system, four PDA students debated this topic: "High schools should introduce eSports as a regular course." Our team was the government team, so they were arguing that this was a good idea.  


Both teams debated well and the judge narrowly gave victory to our team. After the debate, many useful comments were given to the students to help them improve. These included using the preparation time to produce a smoother delivery, using signposts to clearly organize their speeches, and taking care to not introduce new ideas at the end of debate. 


For our students it was very interesting to be talking with students as far away as Amami Oshima! The online matching system is a wonderful tool that will allow us to debate with students all around Japan. Also, these students will join two others from our school taking part in an online training camp on August 6th and 7th, so this was great practice for them. 


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