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留学だより 第3便 ① -The third report in the U.S.





School life
It has been almost two months and a half since I started Kaplan. I got used
to study English in Kaplan, and I am very happy with my international friends
and nice teachers. I felt time flies when we were having fun.

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Kaplan's English teaching style focuses primarily on speaking. Therefore,
students strive to speak English fluently. I think that style gives students
motivation a lot. I'm in the B2 level class now. The teacher of B2 class, Amanda,
is wonderful teacher. Her personality and teaching skills are excellent. Kaplan
welcomes new students every Tuesday, and sometimes I have new students in my
class, or students coming up from B1. That's good thing to me because I can get
lot of opportunities to interact with new people all the time. All of my
classmates are so nice, and That's one of factors that I enjoy the classes
everyday. The textbooks that Kaplan gives you are separated by topic, so you
can learn a lot of useful English. One day, I took a placement test to move up to
C1 level and passed it, so I'll take the classes in C1 for the rest of the weeks. I'm
looking forward to seeing new classmates. Reading part of the placement test
was a little difficult for me. I guess this is due to lack of the vocabulary skills. I
realized it will be most necessary thing to work on from now.
These days, I really don't think nationality and age differences matter to be a
friend. Although I'm a youngest person in Kaplan, I made a lot of friends, and
they are so kind. It's very interesting to learn other culture such as food and
2languages. I feel Spanish is most difficult one, and my Spanish and Columbian
friends told me Japanese was most difficult as well. I think there are some
benefits to learn Spanish actually because I hear Spanish many times when I
browse in the town. Spanish is spoken all over the world. That's why I'm trying
to get some of them.

~My host family~
I met my new host family last week. I moved to south Seattle from Kirkland. My host mother, Hazel, is very calm and cares about me a lot. My host father, Alan,is so interesting person and teach me a lot of things. They both are from SouthAfrica. They are almost vegetarian. I'm not picker eater, but I care about what I eat(e.x. I prefer brown bread, not white bread), so they give me a lot of
information about diet, and they sometimes make special salad for me to stay healthy.

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They take me to Lake Washington to take walk together on weekend. Although
we can't eat dinner together because of prevention of COVID infection, we
have nice conversation at this time.