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海外留学レポート from New Zealand①

New Zealandでの留学生活を始めたばかりの高校1年生Yさんからレポートが届きました。

I arrived here a few days ago.

My host family is very nice to me. They speak to me slowly when I can't understand what they talk about. My host sister is the same age as me, so we talked about the trends in New Zealand and Japan yesterday.

I got used to the life in New Zealand. There are many chickens here and they are a little noisy. My host family's house has a fireplace, so we need to collect pinecones and dried leaves. We also use newspaper, envelopes and tissues. It is new and very interesting for me.

The school will start from Monday, so I'm going to pick up my new school uniform on Sunday. After that, I will go to Wellington city. I can't wait!


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