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海外留学レポート from New Zealand②

New Zealandに留学中の高校1年生Yさんからのレポートを紹介します。

Today, I'll write about my school life. There're many things different from Japan. I was surprised that students can choose which subjects they study in New Zealand. I'm year 11, so I chose 6 subjects. I study math, science, dance, Japanese, music, and ESOL (English class for exchange student.

I can play the euphonium, so I play it in music class. It's very fun. It's not difficult for me to follow the lessons.

I go to school with my host sister. We go to school by school bus, but on Monday and Tuesday, my host sister(older sister) drives us to school.

Usually, my school starts at 8:50, but it starts at 10:10 am on Thursday. It finishes at 3:15 pm, but on rainy days, it finishes at 3:05 pm. There is "interval time" and we have morning tea. So I bring some snacks. we also have lunch time, so I get full.

I always have lunch with my baddy. She supports me. My buddy and her friends learn Japanese. So, at lunch time and interval time, I talk to them in English and they talk to me in Japanese. I made some friends from Japan, Germany, and of course New Zealand. It is interesting for me to talk with other exchange students because I can know about other countries.