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海外留学レポート from New Zealand③

New Zealandに留学中の高校1年生Yさんからのレポート③を紹介します。

About one month has passed since I came here. It was so fast and I can't believe that I've spent one month here.

Few days ago, I went to the beach near my house. It was so beautiful.

I miss Japanese food. So, I'm going to make curry and rice with my host sisters.

Recently, I learn English words by playing bananagrams with my host family. I got used to listen to kiwi English. It was quite different from English that we learn in Japan. It was hard for me to understand what they say, but now I can understand them mostly. Some of my teachers say "Kia ora" when they see their students in the school. It's interesting. People in NZ are so friendly and I could make some friends.