Hibari 探究プロジェクト - 雲雀丘学園中学校・高等学校

グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



Almost a month has passed since I came here. I can't believe it because this past month has passed so fast. Last week, my summer school had finished. I could make some excellent friends there. Many of the students had gone to other states.

I participate in volunteer, called "Ditch" with boy scouts members which my host brothers join every Saturday. We clean up a load made for soil. It will be the way of water when it is rainy.

It is hard work but it is a good opportunity to communicate with people.

The influence of Japanese subcultures like anime, and manga are really big. I see many times those kinds of products or hear the conversation related to them. Also, many Japanese products are sold in Walmart, one of the biggest supermarkets in the USA like rice made in Japan, Udon, Ra-men, Tantanmen, and Kombucha.

One thing I have noticed here is that native speakers have a really different way of moving their mouths compared to Japanese people. I think one of the most important reasons that Japanese cannot speak English very well even though they learn English for a long time is that we don't understand the way of moving our mouths in English. I want Japanese schools to teach that classes.

I have time because my public high school has not started yet.

So usually I do talking with my host family, watch TV, play Pokemon Scarlet which my host brother lent me, excise like jogging, muscle training, and practice swinging my tennis racket. Next weekend, The other exchange student from Thailand will come to our house.

Now I'm looking forward to start my school and come the exchange student.

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