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留学だより第2便 ② The second report in the U.S.


How I spend my time after school and on holidays

All students don't have afternoon classes every Friday, so I usually hang out with my friends every Friday.We usually go sightseeing or shopping after grabbing lunch together.I went to a sushi restaurant and had a California roll with my Korean friend last Friday.She told me that it seems that Japanese food is very popular in Korea now, and there are more Japanese restaurants than Korean restaurants in Korea. There are many Japanese restaurants and I can feel Japanese food is very popular.

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I visited Kerry park with my friends two weeks ago and we saw the Space Needle, which is synonymous with Seattle. We could see the sunset at the same time.It was so beautiful.

One of the my Korean friends took me to Gas works park and Discovery park by car.It was also sunny day. Gas works park seems Tobe a popular place for locals and we saw people enjoying picnics there.

My host mother sometimes takes me fora drive.We've visited Tacoma and Issaquah.Issaquah is located on the mountain. I go to the school by the sea on weekdays, so it was fun to go to the mountain.

I like meat sandwich and mashed potatoes made by my host mother. We sometimes like to eat a big cup of ice cream together when we get tired. My host mother and I discuss the day's events with each other over dinner every night. This only adds to my desire to become more fluent in English.