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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



Hello.It has been 5 days since I came to Washington state,U.S.A.I go to the summer school which is held by my study abroad organization until August 20.

After finishing summer school,I will go to a public high school !!

My host family consists of my mother,father,younger sister,younger brother, older brother.

The person that stands in front of our house in the photo is Logan,who is my younger brother.

All of my host family,except my host family mother, goes camping for a week,so only my host family mother and I are in our house.

Many things are different from Japan.Especially,meals are quite different from Japan.

I have to prepare my breakfast and lunch by myself and the food at home is quite different too.

Also,I noticed I can't do anything without telling what I want to do because the U.S. is an individualistic country.So,independent action is required more than in Japan.

I went to the airshow,which is organized by JBLM,the military installation of Washington state.

It was sooo cool!

Also,I participated in the activity of civil air patrol,the subsidiary institution of the United States air force.It is held every Tuesday.I can do military-like activities there.For example,we can learn about airframes,practice marching,and so on.My host family father was a soldier,so I have ties to the Air Force.

There are many things that I can't imagine here.I want to experience more things that I can't do in Japan!

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