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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



2 months has passed since I came to the USA.

I take guitar, US history, ELA(English Language Arts), physics, and AP(Advanced Placement) pre-calculus classes.

We usually read essays or poems and write sentences to answer the questions related to them in ELA class.

Currently, I like the guitar class the best. We are on the way to learning chords.From the next class, we'll practice the songs we have researched.

I was taking a Geometry class but I have changed to AP pre-calculus class because it was so easy. Geometry class started with measuring angles with a protractor.

I was surprised that there are students from many different grades in one class.

I have joined the tennis club in my high school.

We have tennis matches against other schools after school every Tuesday and Thursday, which surprised me because there are so many.

I went a my high school's football game.

Football seems to be the most popular sport. There are many audiences in the games.

some foods are prepared for football players the day before a home game.

All in all, I could make friends in my school and I am having a good time.

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