Hibari 探究プロジェクト - 雲雀丘学園中学校・高等学校

グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



3 months have passed since I came here.

Currently, US history is the hardest class because there are many words that I don't know. Currently, US history is the only subject that my grade is not A(We can see my grades in a students App) I'm trying to get A's in all subjects.

We had an event called "Homecoming".It is a high school event which we do every year. We danced and watched a football game the day before the dance. I watched the football game with my friends. Our high school team lost but it was an exciting game. Almost all men wore suits, and women wore dresses in the dance. I had a very American experience.

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There was a special week before Homecoming in which we went to school with special things. For example, we went to school with something instead of a bag that Monday. I went to school with my shoe box which came in when I bought shoes. My friend came with a shopping cart. It was funny.

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We have an advisory class in the first period for 30 minutes. It's like a Japanese home class. We sometimes do things related to our career paths, but often there is nothing to do other than homework. Fortunately, my advisory teacher is a Mechanic lab teacher, so recently, I go to the mechanic lab which is next to the advisory classroom with permission from the teacher and do welding while I'm taught by other students. I've never tried that kind of thing so it's new to me and fun.

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I went to a hockey game with my host family. I was told that a hockey game is noisy because of the audience and dangerous for players from my host family. When I actually went there, I found that it was right. Some people had their earmuffs to prevent sounds from coming into their ears. The players often crash each other and fighting each other happens approximately 10 times in one game! It was new to me too.

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I got my CAP uniform and was promoted to cadet airman. CAP is a volunteer community in which I participate in activities every Tuesday. We learn the drill of March, learn about how to improve our personalities like leadership, humility, and so on, and learn about Aerospace every Tuesday.

To promote, we have to pass the drill test, physical education test and study Aerospace, leadership, and character forums online.

I have not been able to attend yet, but there are special activities on weekends like encampment to practice rescues, Riding in a Cessna, volunteers, and more activities!

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