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グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



4 months have passed since I came here. The most impressive thing I experienced during this month was obviously, Halloween.

I went to a pumpkin fair with my host family. We enjoyed pumpkin-sling shot, Giant maze in the corn field, and food. We also bought pumpkins and carved them after that.

I carved my pumpkin into Oni face. On Halloween day, We did trick-or-treat and roamed around in the neighborhood houses. Some houses had elaborate great decorations. After that, we came home and watched" Hocus-Pocus" with Pizza.

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I went to my friend's Halloween party. I went there as a pirate.
His family moved from Mexico so there were branch of Mexican and Pacific Islander's food. I
love the dishes. He showed me a bar, a theater room, and a secret room which we can go to by pushing a wall in his house!

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There is also sad news. The other exchange student from Thailand who shared a room with me went back to his country. He seemed to have some mental problems.
Tennis club was over because American sport clubs are seasonal.
I joined FCCLA club and FBLA club. FCCLA is a community service club, so we sometimes
volunteer, which is held on weekends in many cases. Currently,We are working on our
Prince-princess palace project which will be held in December. In that event, Kindergarten
students will come to our high school and we will treat them . Some of us will be princes or
princesses. We are working on the preparation of the event.

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FBLA club helps students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions,
leadership development, and educational programs.I went to FBLA fall leadership conference in Peninsula college. There were FBLA students fromother high schools.
We learned about the competitions and did some activities to get to know each other like
quizzes, making high towers with marshmallows, and so on. That was fun.
There will be competition events after this winter. The competitions have many sections, and we are thinking about what section of the competitions we will participate.I'm interested in
"Business plan", "Data analyzing".
We will stay a hotel and participate the competitions.
I had American Enterprise Day Career Panel zoom meeting(FBLA thing)today. Professionals
from some companies like Starbucks, Mayo Clinic, Merrill Lynch, and so on came and we
learned about their jobs. I chose the computer science panel. What impressed me was that the professional told us the computer science category is changing everyday and the thing that changed his job the most recently was AI .
Both clubs have meetings only once a week, which I felt was different from Japan.
I often stay after school and go to the weightlifting room or practice the guitar.

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I took the SAT, which is a test for high school students. There were English and Math sections.
The English section was so difficult, especially in reading literature.There were many words that I don't know and understand contexts are difficult. The math section was only what I learned by my first year of high school and much easier than English part. We can use a calculator of the half part of the math section.
I cooked curry rice, consomme soup, and Mochi for my host family.Curry rice had already been
a common dish for my host family, so everybody liked it. Consomme soup wasn't very palatable to them. They liked Mochi. I told them how to eat Mochi, like wrapping it in seaweed and dipping it in soy sauce. I regret that I didn't take the photos of them.