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留学だより 最終便 - The final report in the U.S.



【Living in Seattle】
I spent first two months in Kirkland. Unfortunately, my previous host mother didn't treat me alright, so I moved to another homestay, and I spent nice time in South Seattle with Mr and Mrs Mirsky. I also lived there with two roommates, Atsuki and Ray. Atsuki is from Japan. Ray is from France. Both two are very nice person.
Since Seattle has many places for tourists, my after school and holiday were enjoyable. However, in contrast, homeless people is big issue in Seattle. I know there are many homeless people who are really in trouble, while there are some homeless people who commit crimes with drugs and other drugs. I believe that is an issue that the US government should immediately work on. While the problem of obesity has been advocated in the U.S., there are also many health-conscious people who are very particular about their food, so I saw many organic food and food for vegan.
I guess American people tend to like Mexican food. I also tried many kind of Mexican. Those tasted great. Japanese food is loved too. I visited Sushi restaurant with my friends.
【To close】
I learned a lot things besides English from that study abroad program. I learned many ways of life by interacting with people of various nationalities. My horizons have broadened greatly. It was not all fun, but also a lot of hard work, but this experience will surely have a significant positive impact on my future choices. Although I was trying to solve various difficulties alone, many people helped me by consulting others. I thought it was also important for me to ask people for help when I'm in trouble.
It's necessary to understand the differences in people's ways of thinking and to base my own opinions on any matter to cooperate with others. Lastly, I'm thankful for everyone who supported me. It was definitely unforgettable memory.

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