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留学だより 第3便 ② -The third report in the U.S.

留学だより 第3便の2つ目のレポートになります。お父さんの友人を訪ねるためにバスで4時間もかけてポートランドまで小旅行にでかけたそうです。写真は、マルトノマ滝でとても美しい様子がうかがえます。



~Short trip to Portland ~
I went to Portland to visit my father's friends three weeks ago. It was been 14
years since we last met. I went to there by long distance bus, and it took me 4
hours to get there. It was first time for me to go another states by myself.
My father's friend, Hide, took me to a lot of places, and one of my favorite
places we went is Multnomah Falls. It was so beautiful. There are so many
tourists as well.

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~My friends~
Last Saturday, my Columbian friend, Jorge, took me and my Korean friends to
Columbian traditional restaurant.
I didn't even know what Colombian food was like before, so this was a great
opportunity. The portion was so big, but so tasty.

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